Are MRIs Safe?

Are MRIs Safe?

During MRIs, there is no risk of radiation. They are non-invasive and considered safer for repeated use than other medical scans. MRI machines produce strong magnetic fields that can react to metal objects, so it is crucial to remove any metal before entering the MRI room. This includes jewelry, piercings, and even some types of clothing with metal fasteners. You may also be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for a few hours before the scan, depending on the area of your body being examined. To ensure a safe experience, it is essential to follow these preparation guidelines and adhere to the instructions provided by the MRI technologist. 

Should I Get an MRI?

Healthcare providers can evaluate your symptoms and determine whether or not an MRI is the right choice for you. MRIs can detect issues that otherwise wouldn’t be visible. This can allow healthcare providers to provide an accurate diagnosis and create treatment plans if needed. They can help identify problems inside of your body quickly and effectively. 

What Does an MRI Show and Why is it Important?

MRIs can produce detailed images of soft tissues surrounding bones and are the most sensitive diagnostic tool for brain, spine, and joint issues. For example, they can help diagnose conditions like herniated discs, brain tumors, or torn ligaments. They can also diagnose sports-related injuries in the spine, knee, shoulder, and hip, soft-tissue abnormalities, diseases, vascular abnormalities, bladder cancer, and abnormalities of the uterus, ovaries, or cervix. 

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