MRA is a specialized MRI technique focused on evaluating blood vessels. It's crucial for detecting issues like abnormal narrowing (stenosis), blockages, and potential risk factors like aneurysms.



MRI is a painless procedure using magnetic fields to capture high-definition images of the body's internal structures. Exceptionally sensitive, it's the gold standard for examining the brain, spine, and joints.

Weight Bearing MRI for Spinal Analysis

Weight Bearing

Weight Bearing MRI, or Axial-loaded MRI, is a game-changer in spinal diagnostics. By simulating the standing position, this MRI offers a unique perspective, revealing spinal issues often missed in traditional MRI scans.



NeuroQuant is a revolutionary tool in the realm of neuroimaging. By segmenting and measuring specific brain structures like the hippocampus and ventricles, it offers providers an intricate view of the brain's anatomy.

Arthrograms - MRI for Joint Analysis - Michigan Diagnostics


Arthrograms offer an in-depth view into joint health by utilizing contrast directly injected into the joint itself, unlike the vein injections in standard MRI with contrast. These images shed light on the intricate soft tissues within joints.

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