Arthrogram in Troy, MI

Arthrogram in Troy, MI

An arthrogram in Troy, MI, produces multiple high-quality images of the patient’s joints. Arthrograms are used to capture images of the ligaments and cartilage of a joint that has experienced an injury, unusual pain, or swelling. Arthrograms are often necessary if standard MRIs or X-rays are not able to capture the image of the issue in the joint. They can identify issues in joints that aren’t noticeable in any other type of scan. 

What Does an Arthrogram Provide?

Arthrograms provide clear images of the soft tissues in the patient’s joint. Arthrograms are more accurate than standard MRIs for diagnosing joint injuries and problems. Arthrograms can provide detailed information about the joint for doctors to make a very accurate diagnosis based on the scan. They provide images of the shoulder, hip, knee, or other joints that are experiencing problems so that doctors can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.

What is Injected During an Arthrogram?

During an arthrogram, the contrast will be injected directly into the joint under fluoroscopy guidance. This injection is necessary because it allows the joint to be seen during an MRI, which results in better images during an arthrogram MRI. The contrast that is injected during an arthrogram changes how your joint will appear in the images but it won’t have any long-term effects or hurt you. Contrast can increase the visibility of your tissues, blood vessels, and organs. 

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