Can a Weight-Bearing MRI Diagnose Problems Accurately?

Can a Weight-Bearing MRI Diagnose Problems Accurately?

A weight-bearing MRI provides detailed images that can be used by doctors to diagnose conditions quickly, efficiently, and accurately. They can help improve the outcome of the patient’s treatment by monitoring the progression of bone or joint problems and adjusting treatment accordingly. They can enhance the accuracy of diagnosis by assessing the joints and bones in a weight-bearing position that replicates the stress that is put on them during daily activities. Weight-bearing MRIs can identify problems that aren’t visible during normal MRIs. 

When is a Weight Bearing MRI Needed?

Weight-bearing MRIs may be needed when traditional MRIs can’t provide a clear diagnosis. They are used to diagnose and evaluate a wide range of conditions, such as tears, fractures, damage, and other abnormalities in the bones and joints in the knee, hip, spine, foot, or ankle. If a patient is suspected of having a condition and has persistent pain or a disability that is undiagnosable with traditional MRIs, a weight-bearing MRI may be needed to provide a clear diagnosis. 

Weight-Bearing MRI at Michigan Diagnostics

Michigan Diagnostics Center is American College of Radiologists Accredited and has evening and weekend appointments available to patients in need of a weight-bearing MRI in Sterling Heights, MI, Southfield, MI, Detroit, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our weight-bearing MRIs provide a level of image detailing not typically present in normal magnetic resonance imaging, thanks to its visualization of the spine under axial load. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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