Can an MRI Help Diagnose Injuries?

MRIs are used to diagnose various injuries and guide recovery. They are commonly used to diagnose injuries affecting the spine, knee, shoulder, hip, and spine. MRIs can produce detailed pictures of the inside of the body to monitor the effectiveness of a treatment or identify injuries, abnormalities, and diseases. They can help identify the cause of the damage and provide or confirm a diagnosis.

Are MRIs Safe?

MRI tests are safe and do not use radiation. MRIs are painless and non-invasive. Although they are one of the safest body imaging technologies, they are unsuitable for some patients. Patients should inform their doctors if they were referred for an MRI and have metal in or on their body or internal medical devices such as a heart pacemaker. Some patients may also have an allergic reaction to the contrast dye used during MRIs for joint analysis.

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