Do I Need an MRI Brain Scan?

Do I Need an MRI Brain Scan?

Doctors may recommend an MRI brain scan if you are experiencing persistent or severe headaches, memory loss, confusion, difficulty concentrating, numbness, tingling, extreme weakness or fatigue, dizziness, speaking or vision difficulties, etc. If you have experienced a significant head injury or trauma, have suspected tumors or abnormalities, or if you experience seizures, MRI brain scans can be crucial in determining the cause and severity of chronic conditions. They can be used to diagnose and monitor various diseases and disorders affecting the brain.

How Can an MRI Brain Scan Contribute to Treatment Plans?

MRIs with brain image analysis help providers assess neurological conditions and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Multiple Sclerosis. They can help with accurate diagnosing and treatment monitoring by comparing images taken with standard samples of people similar to the patient’s age and intracranial volume. MRI brain scans can help measure the effect of treatment and identify patients who need aggressive intervention.

How Do MRI Brain Scans Work?

MRI brain scans use magnetic fields and radiofrequency to take detailed images of body structures. They create a series of images from different angles to provide the most information possible. MRI brain scans do not use X-rays or other forms of radiation. They use powerful magnets and radio waves to produce detailed brain images.

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