How Long Does an MRI Take?

How Long Does an MRI Take?

MRI tests typically take between fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. The time that they take varies widely based on the size of the area being scanned and the number of images needed. MRIs with contrast may take slightly longer. If a patient has a cough or anxiety, it may be a good idea to take a suppressant before the MRI to ensure there isn’t too much movement which could result in the need for another test.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an MRI?

MRIs produce high-quality, detailed images of specific areas of the inside of the body. MRIs are painless and use a magnetic field and radiofrequency to capture clear images of organs and tissues that healthcare providers can interpret and use to diagnose a wide variety of injuries, diseases, and abnormalities. MRIs can also bring peace of mind to the patient by ruling out potential problems and concerns or identifying problems early on so a treatment plan can be started immediately. MRIs are also extremely safe for qualified patients. They use no radiation and cause no pain or damage. 

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Michigan Diagnostics can provide you with an MRI in Southfield, MI, Detroit, MI, Oak Park, MI, or the surrounding areas. Our Radiographers Dr. Robert Ward and Dr. Byung (“Jason”) Yoon are subspecialty-trained and board-certified. We provide fast and flexible scheduling and can have your result available within 24 hours. If you are interested in learning more about us or scheduling an appointment, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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