How Long Does an MRI Test Take?

How Long Does an MRI Test Take?

The length of an MRI for time length varies from person to person and where on the body the MRI is being performed. With that being said, a typical MRI ranges from around 20 minutes to an hour. The process is a fast procedure that will take imaging of an individual’s tissues and muscles. When individuals cooperate and listen to the specialist’s instructions, the process will go quickly and smoothly.

How Should I Prepare For an MRI Test?

The first step to preparing for an MRI test is to inform your healthcare provider of any information they should know about you before beginning the procedure. This may include health conditions or metal implants. After this step is taken, individuals will want to wear appropriate attire for the exam to begin. Other principles to remember when preparing for an MRI test include bringing necessary documents and following the specialists’ instructions.

MRI Safety: What Patients Should Know Before Their Test

MRI tests are generally a safe and easy procedure. Patients should let their specialists know if they are or may be pregnant, if they are claustrophobic, or if they have any metal implants. Some information patients should know before their test is that no metal or electronic devices are allowed inside the MRI room, and you must wear MRI-safe clothing.

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