Weight-Bearing MRI in Royal Oak, MI

Weight-Bearing MRI in Royal Oak, MI

A weight-bearing MRI is also known as axial-loaded MRIs. This test will put pressure on the patient equivalent to how the patient would feel if they were standing. The purpose of this test is to give patients in Royal Oak, MI, more insight into their spine condition due to higher quality imaging over a standard MRI. Weight-bearing MRIs take into account the effect gravity has on a patient’s spine while in a standard MRI, patients adopt a more relaxed position.                                                                                 

What Happens During a Weight-Bearing MRI?

Weight-bearing MRIs are used to get high-quality images of the lumbar spine. Weight-bearing is effective for demonstrating the pressure caused by standing by emulating the effect that gravity has on the patient’s spine. Weight-bearing MRIs compress the spine allowing symptoms with the spine to be seen in action and captured with high-quality imaging. Weight-bearing MRIs can reveal herniation and bulges that may not have been noticed if the patient was in a relaxed position. 

Do Weight-Bearing MRIs Simulate a Standing Position?

Weight-bearing MRIs simulate a standing position. Many patients feel pain or discomfort while standing but feel relaxed when lying down. During a weight-bearing MRI, the same pressure that happens while the patient is standing will apply during the MRI. This allows for images to be captured of the patient’s spine that replicates the position of standing. This can help doctors identify problems with the spine that otherwise would go unnoticed from the images of a standard MRI. 

Weight-Bearing MRI With Michigan Diagnostics

If you are looking for a weight-bearing MRI in Royal Oak, MI, then Michigan Diagnostics is the agency for you. We can provide patients in Royal Oak, MI, with fast and flexible scheduling to identify or diagnose any injuries or diseases as quickly as possible. We are open 7 days a week with evening and weekend appointments available. We go above and beyond to have your results available to you within 24 hours. Our focus has always been on patient comfort and providing our clients with the best and most efficient service to get quicker treatment. For more information on our services, contact us online or by phone at 248-244-0757.

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