What Conditions Can an MRI Diagnose?

What Conditions Can an MRI Diagnose?

An MRI is used to diagnose injuries affecting the spine, knees, shoulders, and hips and diseases such as multiple sclerosis and primary bone tumors. They can assist in the diagnosis of bladder cancer and abnormalities of the uterus, ovaries, or cervix and identify soft tissue and vascular abnormalities. MRIs can diagnose a wide variety of injuries and diseases and monitor their progression and determine how well treatments are working.

Why Are MRIs Important?

MRIs are painless exams that use a magnetic field and radio waves to produce clear images of the inside of the body so doctors or board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists can examine organs, tissues, and more. Unlike X-rays, no radiation is produced during MRIs. They have had a significant impact on modern medicine and are an important technology for medical research and clinics to help doctors pinpoint problems in the body that are causing conditions affecting the client’s health. 

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If you need an MRI in Madison Heights, MI, Clinton Township, MI, Troy, MI, or the surrounding areas, Michigan Diagnostics Center can help you. We provide MRIs with standard imaging with or without contrast. We are open seven days a week, provide evening and weekend appointments, are American College of Radiologists Accredited, and have results ready within 24 hours of testing. Our focus is always on patient comfort. We have secure and private changing rooms and multilingual staff. To learn more about us, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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