What Do I Need to Know About Weight-Bearing MRIs?

What Do I Need to Know About Weight-Bearing MRIs?

A weight-bearing MRIs is a diagnostic imaging technique that helps doctors identify and diagnose injuries only visible while standing. Weight-bearing MRIs consider gravity’s effect on the spine and allow you to simulate movements that are causing joint pain or discomfort and take clear pictures to uncover issues. They observe how joints respond to movement and weight so doctors can provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

How Can a Weight-Bearing MRI Help Me?

Weight-bearing MRIs can reveal herniation and bulges around the spinal canal not normally visible in a laying-down position. If you are experiencing severe or chronic back pain and regular MRIs haven’t been effective, weight-bearing MRIs could reveal critical issues. They are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions that have been underestimated or missed from other tests.

What is the Role Of Weight-Bearing MRIs in Diagnosis?

Weight-bearing MRIs give patients a visual representation of joint issues and help healthcare providers make well-informed treatment decisions. They can be used to diagnose issues or as a tracking tool to determine the effectiveness of treatment and make adjustments based on the outcome of the scans. Weight-bearing MRIs give physicians insight into the condition of patients who are experiencing severe or chronic back pain.

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