What Do MRI Brain Scans Show?

MRI brain scans or “NeuroQuant” can show and diagnose brain tumors, brain injuries, brain damage from a stroke, cysts, tumors, bleeding, swelling, inflammation, infections, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and more. MRI brain scans analyze brain MRIs to detect early signs of diseases. MRI brain scans use a magnetic field and radio waves to create highly detailed images of the brain. They are also used to identify structural or developmental issues in the brain. Doctors will monitor brain atrophy over time and analyze the progression of their disease. 

How Long Does an MRI Brain Scan Take?

MRI brain scans typically take around half an hour to an hour to complete. Tests may take longer if results come back unclear from excessive movement during the MRI. For fast results, some diagnostics centers guarantee results available within 24 hours. MRI brain scans are quick and painless and are necessary for diagnosing brain issues. If the patient took relaxation medicine, they will need a ride back home. Some MRI centers provide transportation for patients that need it. 

MRI Brain Scan With Michigan Diagnostics

If you need an MRI brain scan in Warren, MI, Sterling Heights, MI, Southfield, MI,  or the surrounding areas, Michigan Diagnostics can help you. Our Radiographers Dr. Robert Ward and Dr. Byung (“Jason”) Yoon are board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists, who are active in their field. We offer fast and flexible scheduling, provide patients with the results of their MRIs within 24 hours, and are open 7 days a week. We provide fast and flexible scheduling, STAT exams and reports available upon physician request, and focus on patient comfort. To learn more about our MRI brain scan, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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