What Information Can a Weight-Bearing MRI Provide?

What Information Can a Weight-Bearing MRI Provide?

A weight-bearing MRI provides detailed information that can help doctors form a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Weight-bearing MRIs provide the same benefits as normal standing MRIs with more insight into the patient’s condition due to higher quality imaging than a standard MRI. Patients experiencing severe back pain can use them to reveal critical issues such as herniation and bulges around the spinal canal. 

How is a Weight-Bearing MRI Performed?

Weight-bearing MRIs are performed in a standing position to reveal problems that aren’t visible during normal MRI scans where the patient must lie down. Weight-bearing MRIs put the same amount of pressure on the joints and spine that is applied when standing. This will compress the lumbar spine and account for the effect that gravity has on it to provide more accurate images of the issue. They allow for positional adjustments to determine how moving in different ways will affect your symptoms.

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