What is a Weight-Bearing MRI?

What is a Weight-Bearing MRI?

Weight-bearing MRIs are MRIs that simulate a standing position by taking into account the effect that gravity has on the patient’s spine. Normal MRIs put the patient’s spine in a relaxed position, making it impossible to identify certain conditions that put pressure on the patient’s spine while they are standing. Weight-bearing MRIs compress the lumbar spine to replicate the position of standing. Weight-bearing MRIs will apply around half of the patient’s body weight in compression. This will reveal issues that wouldn’t appear in a relaxed position without creating medical problems that do not exist. 

What Can Weight-Bearing MRIs Reveal?

Weight-bearing MRIs provide more insight into the condition of the patient’s lumbar spine than a traditional MRI. Weight-bearing MRIs reveal herniation and bulges that would go unnoticed in a normal MRI, where the patient is in a relaxed position. Weight-bearing MRIs reveal problems in the spine such as herniated discs, bulging discs, and fractures and tears, in the spine. Normal MRIs may give an inaccurate diagnosis for problems such as herniated discs, which could retract back to a normal position when the body is in a relaxed position. 

Weight-Bearing MRI With Michigan Diagnostics

Are you looking for a weight-bearing MRI in Detroit, MI, Oak Park, MI, St Clair Shores, MI, or the surrounding areas? If so, Michigan Diagnostics is for you. Our Radiographers Dr. Robert Ward and Dr. Byung (“Jason”) Yoon are board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists, who are active in their field. We offer fast and flexible scheduling, provide patients with the results of their MRIs within 24 hours, and are open 7 days a week. Our physicians can perform a weight-bearing MRI to provide the most insight possible on the patient’s condition. If you are interested in learning more about our weight-bearing MRI service, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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