What is an Arthrogram?

What is an Arthrogram?

Arthrograms are a series of images of a joint that provide clear images of the soft tissue in the joint. These images can provide detailed information about what is wrong with the joint so healthcare providers can make accurate diagnoses or monitor the progress of treatment. Arthrograms are performed after injection of contrast to ensure the structures of the joint show up clearly.

Can an Arthrogram Detect All Types of Joint Conditions?

Arthrograms can detect injuries, infections, diseases, and abnormalities within a joint. They can be used to provide a clear look at the shoulder, knee, hip, or other joints, and identify the cause of pain or discomfort. Arthrograms are exceptional at detecting ligament and tendon injuries such as tears and strains. They are also effective at revealing abnormalities such as cysts and joint inflammation such as arthritis. 

From Diagnosis to Treatment: The Role of Arthrograms

Arthrograms are used to provide a clear image of joint tissue, enabling accurate diagnostic, treatment planning, and recovery monitoring. Accurate diagosis is essential for effective treatment planning, By providing detailed insights, they can help healthcare providers enhance patient outcomes and preserve their joint health.

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