When is a Weight-Bearing MRI Necessary?

When is a Weight Bearing MRI Necessary?

A weight-bearing MRI is an imaging test designed to simulate a standing-up position. It is a specialized MRI test designed to provide better outcomes by revealing and diagnosing hidden problems only visible in certain positions. Weight-bearing MRIs are necessary when patients experience joint pain due to body weight and movement. They can detect issues that are only visible under weight-bearing activities.

Can a Weight Bearing MRI Detect Issues Missed By Conventional Scans?

Weight-bearing MRIs can reveal critical issues that aren’t visible under a standard MRI. They reveal hidden problems causing pain and monitor bone structure and soft tissue changes. Weight-bearing MRIs can reveal pinched nerves, injured discs, and other issues that may be missed with traditional scans. Conventional scans may miss detecting the cause of the issue, and patients may require a weight-bearing MRI to provide a clear diagnosis. 

What Can a Weight Bearing MRI Reveal About Joint Health?

Weight-bearing MRIs offer unique insights into joint health and functionality. They can reveal herniation and bulges around the spinal canal that aren’t normally visible in a laying-down position. Weight-bearing MRIs provide a level of detail not present in many other traditional medical imaging methods. They can identify joint abnormalities and issues in the knees, hips, and spine that worsen when under the stress of weight.

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