Why Would a Doctor Order an MRI Brain Scan?

Why Would a Doctor Order an MRI Brain Scan?

A MRI brain scan is commonly ordered by doctors whose patient is experiencing unexplained physical conditions or if they believe the patient has a neurological condition or brain injury. Doctors use MRI brain scans to diagnose or rule out medical conditions. They also use them to track changes in diseases or injuries in patients. They can use them to determine how effective treatments are and whether or not an aggressive medical intervention is needed. 

How Long Does an MRI Brain Scan Take?

MRI brain scan with NeuroQuant can monitor changes in brain atrophy over time. MRI scans typically take around 30-45 minutes to complete, but this can vary based on circumstances, such as whether or not contrast is involved and the number of images taken. After the MRI images are uploaded to the Neuroquant server, the results should be available within 24 hours. An MRI brain scan is a painless and effective procedure that is performed by a certified radiologist.

MRI Brain Scan With Michigan Diagnostics

If you are looking for an MRI brain scan in Sterling Heights, MI, Southfield, MI, Detroit, MI, or the surrounding areas, Michigan Diagnostics can help you. Our MRI brain scans can help providers determine if and how quickly a disease is progressing. Our facility is American College of Radiologists Accredited. Your images will be interpreted by our Radiographers Dr. Robert Ward and Dr. Byung (“Jason”) Yoon, who are board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists. We are open seven days a week with evening appointments available. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 248-244-0757 or contact us online.

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