What Are the Benefits of an Arthrogram?

What Are the Benefits of an Arthrogram?

An arthrogram is a series of images that provide detailed information about the soft tissue in the joint so that an accurate diagnosis can be made about what is wrong with the joint. They are extremely accurate in detecting joint problems and make it much easier for radiologists to accurately identify abnormalities. Arthrograms are non-invasive, low-risk, cost-effective, and can be combined with other imaging tests if needed. 

How Often is an Arthrogram Recommended For Monitoring Joint Health?

Arthrograms can be used to monitor joint health and assess the effectiveness of the current treatment. To determine if an arthrogram is right for you, you should consult your doctor if you have any joint issues or pain. Patients with chronic joint problems may need to take arthrograms at regular intervals to monitor the progression of the disease. For joint surgery or an injury, they may be recommended shortly after to diagnose problems, determine a course of action, and check for complications in the healing process. 

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