What Should I Expect During an Arthrogram?

What Should I Expect During an Arthrogram?

During an arthrogram, patients will lie down and be examined with a medical imaging procedure to obtain real-time moving images of the joint. They are used to identify joint problems that are causing pain. Arthrograms will start with the injection of contrast into the joint to make hard-to-detect problems easier to identify. After contrast is injected, medical imaging will proceed, and the joint will be evaluated.

Are Arthrograms Painful?

Arthrograms are relatively painless procedures that provide clear images of the soft tissue in the joint. They provide the detailed information that physicians need to identify what is wrong with the joint and make an accurate diagnosis. During arthrograms, contrast is injected directly into the joint under fluoroscopy guidance. This can cause slight discomfort and pain while the needle enters the joint. Patients may also be asked to hold their joint in a certain position for imaging, which could be slightly uncomfortable for a short time. 

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